Everything has exceeded our expectations; we are very happy with the design of our dream home. We are grateful to Trudy for the professional care and attention to detail she exhibited throughout the design and construction of the house.

Susan and John - Mill Bay, BC

For anyone wanting to have their dream home become a reality you will love working with Trudy. She took our rough sketches, scribbles, magazine clips and ideas and created a home design that exceeded our expectations.

Jad Beckett - Mill Bay, BC

Trudy has gone above and beyond to prepare plans for our development variance permit for the renovation of our 1911 character home. She became our liaison with city planning, expertly navigated the system, and delivered detailed plans that received unanimous approval on schedule and on budget. She is professional, skilled, creative and lovely to work with. I highly recommend Trudy McAdam Design. Thanks for everything, Gail

Leonard and Gail

We had the pleasure of working with Somenos home designer Trudy McAdam, who developed the final plans with patience and expertise. We are really proud of the final result of our stylish duplex and Somenos Construction made it happen for us.

Mike & Deb - Butler

Somenos construction and Trudy McAdam Design collaborated on the build of my mom’s beautiful home in Maple Bay, so it was a no brainer for us to consider their services in the build of our home on the lot right next to my mom’s place. From the outset, D’Arcy (Somenos Construction) and Trudy poured themselves into our project. It was their personal, yet professional approach that made it an easy choice for us to choose them over others in the Cowichan Valley (not to mention their long resume of beautiful, solid builds). They considered the lot and surrounding properties (including my Mom’s place), as well as our design preferences to come up with options that were not only within our budget, but also surpassed our expectations in terms of architectural originality. With respect to design, Trudy responded to our ideas—no matter how ridiculous...and we had loads of ridiculous ideas—and came up with blueprints and 3-D models that really helped us visualize what we were seeking to build. D’Arcy too was always there to provide immediate advice and suggestions from the building perspective. As a result, the design process was efficient, yet also satisfying as we felt we were getting the home we’d always visualized. I can’t imagine going out and paying tens of thousands of dollars for home design and then shopping around for a builder—that seems like an approach that would eat through a lot more money that it needs to, not to mention possible tensions and other challenges that might emerge between designer and builder. As for construction, D’Arcy stated from the outset that he expected to build our home in accordance with the budget he presented to us—and he was true to his word! Along the way, he made suggestions for us to save money here and there, which then allowed us to spend some extra money on other parts of the home, such as our ensuite. Somenos construction is noted for being a premier construction company and when working with D’Arcy you can see why: he is a calm, methodical builder who takes pride in what he does. D’Arcy’s leadership and expertise extends to those around him. His crew is fantastic: they have worked for D’Arcy for a long time and they too have a lot of pride in what they build. Put simply, Somenos construction is a first-class company through and through. I should also add that our home—from design to occupancy—was completed in about 9 months. We had a hard deadline for occupancy: early September when our kids were set to start classes at their new elementary school. The whole process was completed with more than a week to spare. We have now been in our wonderful home for about a year and I can tell you that not a day goes by where my wife and I do not thank the heavens above that our home was built by Somenos Construction and designed by Trudy McAdam. What a great experience it was! If we are ever fortunate enough to once again build a home, there is no question as to who we’ll turn to for the design and build. Simply put, D'Arcy, Trudy, and the whole Somenos team are great people who make awesome homes.

Wood - Maple Bay, BC

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